Our Unfair Life


Life is not fair, in fact, it is extremely unjust. So, what can you do? You cannot win without your rival losing, nor can your rival win without you losing. How can there be victory and triumph unless one of the parties tastes the bitterness of defeat and loss? Victory and loss are necessary, for everything in this world is limited and cannot be equally divided, so one side must inevitably gain more than the other. From this law and pattern arises the contradiction: a rich man is not rich unless there is someone poorer than him, and a healthy man is not considered healthy unless compared to someone sick.

But where is the injustice in that if the matter of winning and losing is logical and acceptable? The answer is that this would be acceptable if the conditions of the battle were fair and both opponents were equal and balanced, not distinguished from one another in any way. If this is not the case, then the foundation is unjust and the result consequently is unjust as well. Because absolute equality between opponents is impossible due to the inherent differences among people both outwardly and inwardly.

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