The adventure


Amidst huge clashing waves, in pitch darkness where you can barely see your hand, you sit crouched, terrified, your eyes bulging out, and the shouting of your companions and their crying nearly vanishes in the roar of the angry sea. You wipe your face every time you receive an unexpected slap of salty sea water, hoping that it will all end soon. You earnestly pray to God, remembering the old woman at home, which starts your tears falling. Then another slap comes; you jolt and begin screaming yourself. You cling to the side of the overcrowded boat, close your eyes, and in an instant, a giant wave throws the boat into the air, scattering your companions like raindrops. You don’t see them but hear their violent screams. You struggle hard to swim, but the woolen clothes that were keeping you warm have become heavy and soaked, hindering your movement. The shoes, the woolen jacket, and the heavy trousers—it’s as if the sea is pulling you down into its depths. You struggle hard to keep your head above water, screaming violently, then another wave strikes, pushing you under. You lose the sense of direction; where is the surface? You can't move. Water begins to leak into your nose, into your mouth; you try to spit it out but inhale instead. There’s no air; the water chokes you. This is the end, you're going to die. A stream of memories flashes before your eyes—the mosque’s door, your mother’s face, the neighborhood square, the laughter of friends. It’s over.

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