Waited in silence

Old Door

He waited in silence under the electricity pole. Night had fallen some time ago, and complete darkness had fallen around him, but his imagination remained clear thanks to the dim light of the electricity pole. He waited and waited for a long time as he sat cross-legged in the autumn cold, wearing nothing but his worn-out robe and sandals, from which his fingers were all protruding in curiosity. Like their owner's curiosity.

He waited in silence, observing intently, staring at that iron door, painted a brown color as if it were rusty, or perhaps it was. It was a short door fixed in a wall, its ages varied. The bottom was built with clay stones on which blocks of pale cement were stacked. It was a boring sight, but it was depressing. The wall has windows and no light or hope leaks from under its door.

He waited in silence and patience, telling himself what was behind the door. He smiled stupidly as he imagined that door opening slowly and steadily, emitting a bright light illuminating the alley and his life. He smiled innocently, and with his slender hands he rubbed what protruded from his legs, wanting some warmth.

He waited in silence. Hours had passed while he was in this state. Then he turned to look to his right and saw a dog sitting not far away, looking at him with astonishment. He picked up a pebble and threw it towards the dog, scolding him. The dog did not show interest, so he repeated that two or three times, but the dog remained indifferent, and then after a while, He lay down and rested his head on his feet, his gaze on the man squatting under the electricity pole.

He waited in silence, then very slowly he relaxed his back and fell backwards, his gaze fixed on him, looking at the lamp of the electricity pole above him. He remained still and motionless. The prone dog got up and looked at the man who had suddenly fallen to the ground. He turned right and left as if looking for witnesses. He approached timidly. He carefully walked around the man smelling him, no movement, no life, he was dead, he looked towards the door, and with the same indifference he left.

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